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What makes a great villain? for lokidhiddlestoner







He’s like, “We were prepared for everything except the goddamn poodles.”

"i got a jar of dirt”


That “Damn it I knew I forgot something fucking poodles” face

”Who are you?”

I’m very fond of the introduction of Sherlock in the first episode.

We had a bit of a battle trying to convince the BBC that we could hold out that long before you see him: upside-down, with the zip from the body bag.

But it tells you everything you need to know.

Mark Gatiss, in response to the question, "What are your favourite Sherlock moments?"

From the April 2014 Sherlock Q&A in Brazil [x]

(via skulls-and-tea)

And there it is laid out for you. The (second) Sherlock pilot stands for me next to the pilot for The West Wing as one of the two most perfect pilots ever shot. Yet they were fighting over the difference between Sherlock appearing right away as opposed to eight and a half minutes in (as he does). Eight minutes is a loooooooong time in TV… even in a ninety-minute episode.

Never mind. They won. Thank God.