• misha collins naked: yep, I'd bang him.
  • misha collins in a leather jacket: yep, I'd bang him.
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There is no such thing as a ” quick trip” to the bookstore .    



one of the worse feelings you can experience on tumblr is the one that comes after making a post, putting all you’ve got into it, and watching it as it gets zero notes.

my tags love you back!

It is isn’t it? slippery indeed. 

the fact is that sometimes I really care, despite all my efforts, and every time I try to make something I get to think “well, why do I even try? I’m not even able to get notes on a post on tumblr”
Bah! I’m just getting cold feet for The project. The time to reveal it is approaching and I’m building up for a big disappointment.

sarahavoidsreallife replied to your post “one of the worse feelings you can experience on tumblr is the one that…”

happens to me all the time, too. hopefully i’ll find the post you’re talking about because you’ll have at least one note from me :)

Aaaww, you’re too sweet! Thanks!
this actually happens with almost every original content I try to make… I also tag them, so that i can watch as they fall into the pit of forgotten posts! ;P
don’t mind me, tonight i’m in a sour mood.

one of the worse feelings you can experience on tumblr is the one that comes after making a post, putting all you’ve got into it, and watching it as it gets zero notes.












apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

what a stupid fucking comic 

Wow! Whoever made this is deluded

this just in: the anti-feminists still refuse to acknowledge misogyny exists, as it never has happened to them in their lives. also not so sure the sun is really there, or is just another conspiracy created to confuse the people. more at eleven.

Please tell me you are joking. 

Yes, I am pretty sure her response was intended at a sarcastic joke, because you’re too fucking stupid to seriously replay to, you sack of shit.

But no, she’s totally “deluded” about something that literally, actually happened to her, yeah?

That is just a strawman though, she has it working in front of him yet being a dumb man in the patriarchy he ignores her. It just makes feminists look bad

Also people in hardware stores are always useless male or female. 

what part of “this happened to her” is so hard to fucking get

The part where it becomes illogical so didn’t. She had it working in front of him. The picture shows him looking. There is no reason he would then find someone else when she made it work. It is a strawman and the events make no sense 

It is stuff like this which fuels idiots to spam that evil sjw are coming to ruin everything. It makes feminists look silly

You have never worked retail, have you?

seriously as a girl who works in a craft store can i tell you how many people come up to me on a daily basis who walk right past my male coworkers and have to come to me with “i need a girl’s opinion on this” because apparently girls are the only ones who can do crafts??

and like this phenomenon was especially interesting for one of my coworkers because prior to his transition he’d get the same kinda questions as i do but now i have seen people dismiss his opinion right in front of me and turn to me for a “girl’s opinion on things because you probably know more than a guy” like UM

customers are irrational and seriously anyone working retail would know this is in no way a strawman representation of how workers are treated by customers ESPECIALLY when you work in a store that sells products most people consider to be not appropriate for your gender role

This happens in bookstores too.
Not once, not twice, but countless times, during my work experience as a bookseller, I’ve had customers asking if there was someone they could talk to, about a book request.
I always reply, smiling, that they can ask me, that I’m there to help them.
No, they say, they would like to speak to… you know, a bookseller.
That’s me, I’d reply, how can I help them?
Not happy about it, not one bit, they proceed and ask me their question anyway. Sometimes it’s a gift suggestion, some other time there is research to do, to find an author they don’t remember, a book they might have heard mentioned on a radio show, and so on.
I help them, I tell them, I give suggestions, I find the author, I assure them it’s that book, yes (it’s my job, after all, and I know how to find out this kind of stuff).
They nod and go away.
When I see them again, a couple of minutes later, they are asking the same questions to one of my male colleagues.

The funniest thing is when said colleague calls me in for help:
 Hey, have you by any chance listened to that radio show, this week? Hey, do you know if the adopted textbook for that University course is the same as last year?, Hey, can you help us find out what book is this…
The dickheads at this point don’t even have the decency to look uncomfortable, they pretend that nothing happened. 
My answer is usually something in the line of “Yes, sure, as I told to this gentleman not five minutes ago…”
They obviously become agitated after that and they wait for my male co worker to repeat what, at his point, I told them twice already.
Then they thank him and they leave. Or go to the checkout. In those cases, I try to be the one to checkout their purchases, just for kicks. I like watching them squirm when I make uncomfortable eye contact and I smile like a psychopath. Once - I was really tired and my mask was slipping - when they asked for a gift wrap, I said “Sure. Oh, wait, no, I’ll better call my colleague for this, don’t I?”