Ryan and Jules sit down and talk with TV’s Mark Sheppard. Mark was so generous with his time, and treats us to some amazing stories from his amazing career in some of our favourite shows. We talk about Doctor Who, How he got the role, and how he got around a shooting schedule for the other show Supernatural. We are also treated to some amazing stories from his time on Battlestar Galactica.,. so yeah, it pretty much kicked all sorts of ass. Thanks to Mark for doing this. Hopefully we do part 2 / X-files and firefly. 


Just gonna leave this right here


Just gonna leave this right here

No. When the show came back, I said to my daughter ‘this is the show and you’re gonna love it’. They offered me a part and I said ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it’. I remember going to the set the very first day and saying to David ‘where’s the TARDIS?’ He said ‘do you want me to take you to it?’ And I said yes!
— Peter Capaldi on whether or not he thought he would ever play the Doctor after playing the role of Caecilius in the Fires of Pompeii (via doctorwho)



BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

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@dicksp8jr: Two wonderfully talented men and Tim Omundson

did anyone else see this and this “SHIT WHO BROUGHT BACK ZACHARIA AND WHY!”

does it make anyone else laugh that Gabriel and Zach died like 4 seasons ago and yet they still manage to take selfies with new guest stars